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How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services

Looking for how many jobs are available in consumer services. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) predicted that there would be roughly 2.9 million workers overall in the consumer services sector by 2020. Both full-time and part-time employees are included in this. We’ll talk about the number of jobs in the consumer services sector and give a rundown of available positions. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or an executive one, there are many alternatives available.

What Are Consumer Services?

Consumer services are companies that offer their clients a service, such as food delivery or advice. These services include everything from dining establishments and cab services to banking and online shopping. Consumer services are crucial to the economy since they generate millions of jobs around the world. Numerous work options are offered by consumer services. Many jobs are available in this industry, including those for waiters and servers at restaurants and customer service agents. These positions not only offer security and adaptability, but they also frequently present chances for professional advancement. The industry employs a large number of independent contractors, including graphic designers and freelance writers.

Types of consumer services

There are many types of consumer services but the four main types are

  1. Leisure & Hospitality Services
  2. Education
  3. Health & Social Services
  4. Retail & Wholesale Services

Consumer services typically conjure up images of banking, cable TV, or internet access in the minds of most people. Consumer services come in a wide variety, and these are just a few. Consumer services are defined in a very broad sense. In essence, it refers to any service that is paid for by customers.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services

Here are many jobs available in customer services are given below:

  1. Bank Teller
  2. Financial Services Industry
  3. Transportation Jobs
  4. Hospitality Jobs
  5. Healthcare Jobs
  6. Education Services

1. Bank Teller: A bank teller is responsible for customer service and financial transactions at a bank or credit union. You might work with clients to open new accounts, handle deposits and withdrawals, cash checks, give account details, and respond to inquiries. Additionally, you must be able to spot potential fraud and, if necessary, refer clients to the proper personnel.

The majority of bank tellers has a high school education and may have taken courses in finance or business-related topics. Even if you lack experience, you can still work as a bank teller because many banks offer on-the-job training for new tellers.

Additionally, a teller in the United States makes an average of $37,878 each year.

2. Financial Services Industry: This industry includes banks, credit unions, investment companies, stock brokerages, and insurance companies. With many different options available, you can find the right fit for you. The financial services industry is in charge of looking after people’s savings and investments. To work in this sector, you might need to be certified depending on the role. You will assist clients in managing their finances, handle investments, provide guidance, and complete transactions if you decide to work in the financial services sector.

According to estimates, the average yearly wage in the financial services sector in the USA is $85,000,000.

3. Transportation Jobs: Consumer services depend on transportation, and this industry offers a variety of occupations. There are numerous opportunities, including those for taxi and bus drivers. You’ll need a commercial driver’s licence (CDL) to get started if you want to drive huge vehicles like buses, lorries, or trains. When you have completed the necessary training and testing for a CDL, you can start applying for jobs.

Transportation-related jobs typically pay an annual salary of roughly $70,000.

4. Hospitality Jobs: In the hospitality sector, there are many jobs available, including those for wait staff, food service employees, and hotel management. About 11 million individuals are thought to be employed in the hospitality sector. People from many walks of life can find employment in the hospitality sector, which also offers great opportunities for professional advancement.

Hotel managers are in charge of running a hotel’s daily operations, which include welcoming guests, controlling spending, and making sure patrons are satisfied. Employees in the food service industry make meals, offer beverages, and keep restaurants tidy and well-run. All of these jobs come with great pay and benefits, as well as employment stability.

Working in the hospitality sector can be enjoyable and fulfilling. Every day you get to interact with new people and pick up new abilities. It’s a fantastic way to travel and experience various cultures while learning how to interact with clients and coworkers.

The average wage in the hospitality industry in the United States is $35,100.00 per year, or $16.88 per hour.

5. Healthcare Jobs: Jobs in the healthcare industry are crucial to the community because they keep people safe and healthy. The healthcare industry offers a wide range of careers, including those for physicians, nurses, medical technicians, and medical assistants.

If you’re interested in this sector, learn more about the qualifications needed for each position. These positions require specialised training and certification. Many healthcare facilities also offer volunteer opportunities or internships that might help you gain expertise in this area.

When you consider how many jobs there are in consumer services, healthcare is a fantastic choice. Finding a fulfilling healthcare profession is possible with the correct training and experience. With the use of your abilities, you’ll be able to improve the lives of others and assist those in need. Considering how much need there is for these roles, a career in healthcare can also offer exceptional job stability.

Currently, the average yearly wage for healthcare employees in the US is $53,764.00 ($24.85).

6. Education Services: There are many different kinds of employment opportunities in education services. You might decide to work as a teacher, tutor, or mentor, for instance. Additionally, you might work as a school principal, librarian, or counsellor. As you assist in forming young minds, these vocations provide excellent incentives and job satisfaction. You may also work with people of all ages and backgrounds, depending on the position.

An education services employee’s annual salary is on average $68,727.94. You might begin establishing your career in this industry right away if you have the necessary knowledge and experience.


Consumer services is a growing industry with lots of job prospects for anyone wishing to break into the industry. It’s crucial to investigate the available positions and decide which ones match your interests and skill set the best.

Job seekers can discover a career that matches their talents and interests thanks to the abundance of possibilities. Job searchers can use to identify vacancies that match their qualifications quickly and make the search process simpler.

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