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NYT Mini Crossword Answers

NYT Mini Crossword Answers are released on Friday. The NYTimes Mini Crossword puzzles’ hints and a list of solutions Published in newspapers, on the New York Times Mini Crossword news website, and on mobile applications, the NY Times Mini Crossword is a puzzle. Joel Fagliano is the creator of today’s puzzles. This page contains all of the NYT Mini Crossword answers and clues for December 22, 2023, as well as an archive of all solved and unsolved riddles with answers and the full directions for playing the daily puzzles.

NYT Mini Crossword Game Answers Today 2023

Joel Fagliano is the creator of today’s puzzles. Over the years, mini crossword puzzles have gained a devoted following of people who humbly commit their time to solving the challenge by employing hints. Thus, we now have a list of solutions along with the accurate answers to all cross-clue puzzles. Press CTRL + D to bookmark this page, as we will be updating it every day with the most recent solutions. The highlights of the NYTimes Mini Crossword Game solutions archive list are included below. You can also view the most current NYT Mini Crossword solutions.

Game Name NYT Mini Crossword
Edited by Will Shortz
Created by Rich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword Released
Date 22 December 2023
Month December 2023
Day Friday
Available on Website, Android, IOS App
NYT Mini Crossword Website

NYT Mini Crossword today answer (November 2023)

We discussed the all-word answers for today here. The sequence in which the hints occurred is listed below. Daily updates are made to this page, so remember to check back often to see the correct answers for today. Times of New York 2023 Mini Crossword Puzzles. Our staff has verified that every NYTimes Mini Crossword solution list is 100% accurate.

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 22 December 2023

The NYT Mini Crossword Answers for Today December 22, 2023 is

  • “Just so you know …”:  FYI
  • It travels through air at roughly 1,125 feet per second:  SOUND
  • Kooky:  WACKY
  • Show host:  EMCEE
  • Down:  SAD
  • Gets frothy:  FOAMS
  • The Joshua tree is actually this kind of plant:  YUCCA
  • Signed, as a contract:  INKED
  • Greta Thunberg’s home country: Abbr.:  SWE
  • What makes a yellow M&M yellow:  DYE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 21 December 2023

The NYT Mini Crossword Answers for December 21, 2023 is

  • Small skin opening:  PORE
  • Butter + flour sauce:  ROUX
  • Like the calories from candy and soda:  EMPTY
  • Home of Machu Picchu:  PERU
  • Messy pile:  HEAP
  • Lead-in to natal or nuptial:  PRE
  • Energy, informally:  OOMPH
  • Currency of India:  RUPEE
  • What guacamole often costs, when ordering a burrito:  EXTRA
  • “You’re right about that”:  YUP

How to Play NY Times Mini Crossword Game

The NYT Mini Crossword puzzles are available for free on every nyt newspaper, the NY Times website, and the official Android app on Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, and Monday. You can find detailed instructions for playing the NYT Mini Crossword puzzle game ( in a web browser here:

  • Open the official website of NY times game i.e on your browser.
  • Log in to your New York Times account.
  • Then starting playing

A new NYTimes Mini Crossword will be available everyday!

Steps to Play NYT Mini Crossword game on Android/ IOS App:

  • To play the game open The New York Times app on your Android or IOS device.
  • Navigate to the Play section.
  • Click The Mini Crossword game
  • Tap Play to begin playing the puzzle.

NYTimes Mini Crossword About

The New York Times Mini Crossword is a daily crossword puzzle that is smaller and easier than the regular New York Times Crossword Puzzle. It is typically solved in just a few minutes, and is a great way to start your day with a mental challenge or to take a break from work or school.

To play the Mini Crossword, you can go to the New York Times Crossword website or download the New York Times Crossword app. Once you are on the website or in the app, click on the “Mini” tab to select the Mini Crossword puzzle.

The Mini Crossword puzzle is a 4×4 grid with 16 blank squares. The clues for the puzzle are listed in two columns: Across and Down. The Across clues are numbered from left to right, and the Down clues are numbered from top to bottom.

To fill in a blank square, simply click on the square and type the answer letter. You can use the arrow keys to move around the grid and the Spacebar to switch between Across and Down clues.

If you are stuck on a clue, you can click the “Check” button to see if your answer is correct. You can also click the “Reveal” button to reveal the answer to a clue. However, be warned that this will reduce your score.

Once you have completed the puzzle, you can click the “Submit” button to submit it to the New York Times. Your score will be displayed on the leaderboard, and you can compare yourself to other players around the world.

Here are some tips for playing the New York Times Mini Crossword:

  • Start by reading all of the clues. This will give you a better understanding of the puzzle and help you to narrow down your answers.
  • If you are stuck on a clue, try crossing it with another clue. This can help you to figure out some of the letters in the answer.
  • Don’t be afraid to guess. You can always change your answer later if you figure out the correct one.
  • If you are really stuck, you can click the “Reveal” button to reveal the answer to a clue. However, be warned that this will reduce your score.

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